by The Grittys

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We, The Grittys, present our third release, JOBLESS! This EP was written, recorded, mixed and mastered ourselves over the past six months or so, and is here to give you an idea what's been going through our heads lately, musically speaking. Enjoy!


released September 1, 2011

Music by The Grittys
Lyrics by Kevin Bredall and Matt Rice
Produced by Matt Rice



all rights reserved


The Grittys Oxnard, California

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Track Name: Motor Mouth
Hey dudes, why you talking that way?
I can't understand a god damned line
I wanna hear what you've got to say
Stop, find a way - you're wasting my time
'Cause I'm just looking for answers
You're a motor mouth
Gotta have my fix
Just slow your mouth down, motor mouth
So I can make a connection
Want people to listen?
Well, fast lips won't reel them in
And if you've gotta stay fast, hell
Better learn how to speak your message
Words are a powerful weapon
But are useless when they're misunderstood
Even worse when they're used to hoodwink
With a world that's so delusive
It gives me reason to be concerned
There's deception in the schools, deception in the arts
Deception in the communities that tear themselves apart
Not sure of who is true, or who is false
I'm feeling like too many times, not feeling remorse
'Cause there's deception on the streets, deception on the Internet
Deception in the news, deception in the government
I'm not here to preach - I'm here to send
A message to all of those who must
Learn to bring an end (to all this bullshit)
Track Name: Jobless
My wallet is full as a fucking balloon
It's bursting at the seams with nothing
My lazy, jobless self is rotting
Away in my room, got no cash on me
No one wants a kid without
Experience in tossing bullshit around
It’s been four weeks, and no one’s called me
Well, who am I kidding? I’m getting nothing
I’m jobless, broke and penniless
My life’s a mess, help me clean it up
Backing off to 60 in the fast lane
101 South, trying to get to Westlake
All for some summer job
I’d only be working for two months anyway
I watch the gas needle start to fall
Draining my pockets ‘til there’s nothing left at all
My heart sinking just as fast
As I'm wondering about how I’m gonna last
I’m jobless, broke and penniless
My life’s a mess, and I’m sick of this
Oh, sweet capitalism
Draining out my optimism every day
Opportunities are less than equal
When you’re fighting a mob for less than meager pay
It’s like a rat race trying to navigate
The social infrastructure of this fucked up place
You know I’ve seen it, I mean it, I’ll do it today
If burning all of it down will make it go away
Fuck your values, your exploitation
Of all the kids without an education
And let the others just fall by the wayside
It's evident that I'm worthless in your eyes
Track Name: The Ocho
She’s walking away fucking every day
A long sigh from my chest is all I have to say
The words ran out a long time ago
And that’s just the way things go
Always leaving me alone
But I’m sure as hell not depressed
Not even a little bit
I survive the mornings with headphones blasting pop punk
And I get through the nights with Dallas Green singing me to sleep
I know that there’s nowhere this could go
I keep telling everyone it’s fine, but no one believes me
I tell the story to everyone
And they think that I’ve broken down
The truth is, I haven’t since winter now
And I’m alright, I’m doing fine
Taking things day by day, hopefully with sleep between
'Cause I’m not so concerned with how things are now
Some days I wasted being down, but I know that I said
In another god damned punk song that I would be alright
I don’t think I’m sad anymore, but I’m turning up my headphones
As Mark reminds me he guesses this is growing up
I guess I see the way things don’t turn out the way you plan
So I shouldn’t still be worried now
I was wrong to think for so long
That what I had was more than just the roots of sad songs
It’s hard to see how anyone could care for anything
And I guess that’s what saves me
Track Name: After 7 Split
No more heartache, no more friends
Take the love away - I can't bear to see it end
One more push, and it all stops
I'll throw away everything we've got
No more music, no more jams
I'm losing the grip of who I am
It's a feeling few can understand
Go away now, before I'm lost
I'll throw everything away we've got
'Cause it's a long drop from heartache
And I won't know when it stops
When I hit rock bottom like a crashing plane
The worst of it has only begun
'Cause it's lonely singing love songs
To no one in the crowd
I wish everyone could just leave now
'Cause there's no motive, there's no plans
I can't keep anything from slipping out of my hands
Because I lost my pride, my joy, and my gal
Because of my selfish actions and my blind determination
I wanna scream, I wanna yell
Cast myself into the pit of hell
'Cause I left an angel for the greater good
Well, I'm never gonna find it
I hope everyone can see that now
I hope everyone can get me now
I hope everyone can see I'm desperate for love
Track Name: Roadblock
I always find myself asking the same damned thing
"What should I do with my life, and who should I be?"
Should I listen to the deans, the directors,
The teachers, or my mentors, or the little voice inside of me?
How will I know what's wrong?
How can I choose what's right?
This roadblock in front of me is ruining my life
Every day I hear of somebody breaking down
'Cause of countless obstacles beating them down
Who knew there'd be this many in the world
Who suffer the same conflictions [sic] as me?
How can we know what's wrong?
How can we choose what's right?
This roadblock in front of us is ruining our lives
Been bracing so long, I've lost my touch
Been letting the bad vibes keep me crutched
I'm gonna do it - who cares what they all say?
I'm taking this obstruction and blowing it away
I've had enough of wasted time
I'm leaving the fear behind
Taking in a future light
Nothing will win this fight
I've had enough of wasted time
I'm leaving the fear behind
Taking in a future light
I'm breaking through this roadblock tonight